Handbook – Rubber Technology 2018

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Handbook – Rubber Technology 2018
Publisher: Rubber World & TechnoBiz
Pages: 210 pages, Soft Cover

The contents of this handbook include all the technical articles published in the Rubber World Magazine in the year 2018.

Prediction of Rolling Resistance Factor (RRF) for Conveyor Belt Cover Compounds with a Rebound Resilience Tester
S.L. Agrawal, B.B. Sharma and Virendra Rathod, Reliance Industries Ltd., India

Characterization of Rubber Polymers and Compounds
Alina K. Latshaw and Thomas Rauschmann, TA Instruments Waters

Rheology of EPDM Compounds made of Equal Mooney, Equal Composition Polymers: Differentiation beyond typical EPDM Parameters
Juan Tuberquia, Colin Li Pi Shan, Sharon Wu, Greg Li, Lena Nguyen, Teresita Kashyap, Tianzi Huang, David Gillespie, Cory Thomas and Kristel Blackwell, Dow Chemical

Characterizing Rubber’s Resistance against Chip and Cut Behavior
Radek Stocek, PRL Polymer Research Laboratory and Tomas Bata University, Czech Republic; William V Mars and Christopher G Robertson, Endurica LLC; and Reinhold Kipscholl, Coesfeld GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Six Rules of Thumb for Rubber Release Agents
Bob Edelmayer, McLube Release Coatings

Advancing Carbon Black Technologies to Improve Tire Performance
Lin Bradley and Jose Briones, Orion Engineered Carbons

Mechanical Reinforcement of Rubber by SP2 Carbon Allotropes such as Carbon Black and Carbon Nanotubes: The Role of Interfacial Area and Filler Orientation
Maurizio Galimberti, Giuseppe Infortuna, Vincenzina Barbera, Silvia Guerra and Andrea Bernardi, Politecnico di Milano; and Silvia Agnelli and Stefano Pandini, Universitá degli Studi di Brescia, Italy

Why Titanates and Zirconates may be Better Adhesion Promoters than Silanes for Silica and Carbon Reinforced Polymeric Composition
Salvatore J. Monte, Kenrich Petrochemicals

Optimization of the Silica/Polymer Interface in the case of Very High Surface Silica: New Methods to Support Formulation Adjustments for Passenger Car and Truck Tire Treads
Laurent Guy and Thomas Chaussée, Solvay, France

Powder Liquid Dispersions of Plasticizers to Increase Throughput and Meet Sustainability Goals for Tire Tread Formulations
Dejan Andjelkovic, Bradley Pentzien and Stephen O’Rourke, Hallstar

Silica Mixing
Richard J. Jorkasky II, Kobelco Stewart Bolling

Predispersed Short Fibers: A Cost-Effective Way to Reinforce Rubber Compounds
Joel Neilsen, Steven Monthey and Cristian Oprisoni, Lanxess

Keltan defining EPDM for the Past and the Next 50 Years (Part 1)
Martin van Duin, Gerard van Doremaele and Niels van der Aar, Arlanxeo Performance Elastomers

AEM Compounds: Recent Developments in Fluid Aging
Edward McBride, Serge Bouvier and Klaus Kammerer, DuPont Performance Materials

Swelling Characteristics of Fluorocarbon Rubber in Gasoline Blended with Ethanol: Relation to Vulcanizate Thickness
S.N. Chakravarty, Polym Consultants, India

Keltan defining EPDM for the Past and the Next 50 Years (Part 2)
Martin van Duin, Gerard van Doremaele and Niels van der Aar, Arlanxeo Performance Elastomers

Non-Dispersible Matter Test of Carbon Black most Accurately Predicts Extruded Profile Surface Quality
Stephan Mueller, Orion Engineered Carbons

Thermal Carbon Black (N-990) for Processing Performance in Architectural Sealing
Rick Ziebell and Matt Rogers, R.D. Abbott

X-Ray Technology Reliably ensures Quality during the Production of Rubber Hoses
Katja Giersch, Sikora AG

Considerations for Specifying Silicone  Elastomers in Medical Applications
Robert Umland and Brian Reilly, Avantor/NuSil Advanced Silicone Materials

Soft Tissue Compliant Silicones for Medical Devices
Jonathan Goff, Santy Sulaiman, Alison Philips, Max Detwiler and Barry Arkles, Gelest

Addition Cure HCR: Impact of Inhibitors on the Elastomer Cure Profile
Charles Olsen, Jr. and Hans Haas, AB Specialty Silicones,and George Stamper, Hexpol

Evaluation of Silicone Reclaim for HCR Compounds
Erick Sharp, Ace Products and Consulting

Development of a Novel Vulcanization Test and Measuring System to Support Process Optimization in Continuous Vulcanization
Christian Hopmann, Florian Lemke, Jan Philip Peter and Patrick Gahlen, Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV), and Jens Möckel, Gerlach Maschinenbau GmbH

Miniduplex: A Calender Line Solution Integrated in The Industry 4.0 Concept
Mario Sacchi, Comerio Ercole

Electromechanical Actuators provide a New Spin on Tire Manufacturing Methodology
Tom Schreier, Exlar, Curtiss-Wright Sensors & Controls

 Achieving Better Productivity and Long-Term Operational Cost Savings with the Next Generation of Insoluble Sulfur: Crystex Cure Pro
Frederick Ignatz-Hoover, Eastman Chemical

Impact of Rubber Conformation on its Metal Bonding Strength
Mahmoud Kardan, Vernay

Evaluation of Computer Aided Rubber Compound Development
Hans-Joachim Graf, TechnoBiz Group (H-JG Consulting)

Dutral Grades Developed for Automotive Weatherstrip Application
Latorraca, S. Balestrieri and P. Piancastelli, Versalis S.p.A.

Developing an Effective Quality Program for Imported Tires
Bruce Lambillotte, Smithers Rapra and Chad Mowery, Roetzel & Andress, LPA

Suremix Game Changing Technology for Highly Loaded Silica Compounds
Rikki Lamba, Aaron Puhala, Vince Cremona, Matthew Finkelhor and Christine Dunlop, Polymer Solutions Group

Productivity and Quality Challenges
Massimo Lenti, Marangoni Tyre Machinery

Simple Solutions to Common Anti-Tack Problems
Howard Kennedy, Blachford

Shape Memory Thermoplastic Elastomers
Kevin Cavicchi, University of Akron

Beyond the Toothbrush Grip: New Overmolding TPEs in Applications with Unique Requirements
Long Zhang, Kushal Bahl and Elizabeth Ponte, Teknor Apex

Novel Developments in Vibration Damping Thermoplastic Elastomers
Jiren Gu, PolyOne

High Quality Visible Parts in a Single Step
Christoph Handorfer, Thomas Leng and Peter Egger, Engel Austria GmbH; Alexander Frank, Hennecke GmbH; Manuel Seiz, Votteler Lackfabrik GmbH; and Gerald Schofer, Schofer GmbH

Comparison of Silica-NR Masterbatches with In-Situ Silica/Silane Compounds
Suyanti Hersanto, Wisut Kaewsakul, Wilma K. Dierkes and Anke Blume, University of Twente, The Netherlands; and Joachim Bertrand, Behn Meyer Europe GmbH

Characterization of Composites Containing Renewable Fillers for Anti-Vibration Applications
Cindy Barrera and Janice Tardiff, Ford Motor

Specialty Latex Material for Sustainable Product Applications
M.R. Fatimah Rubaizah, M.Y. Amir Hashim, Y. Nurul Hayati, A. Mohamad Asri, R. Roslim and A.B. Rohani, Malaysian Rubber Board

Improvement of Natural Rubber/Silica Interaction by Silane Grafting of the Polymer
Karnda Sengloyluan, Jacques W.M. Noordermeer, Kannika Sahakaro, Wilma K. Dierkes amd Anke Blume, University of Twente

Controlled Viscosity Injection Molding: Limitations of the Conventional Injection Molding Process
Rick Fitzpatrick, Extrude to Fill

Molding Methods for Silicone with a Focus on Transfer Molding of Heat Cured Rubber
Lynn Momrow-Zielinski, Extreme Molding

Operating Window in Injection Molding with Nine Experiments
Hans-Joachim Graf, TechnoBiz Group (H-JG Consulting)

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