Proceedings Document Package – Europe Rubber Industry Forum 2019 (All about Rubber Compounding)

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Proceedings Document Package – Europe Rubber Industry Forum 2019 (All about Rubber Compounding) (7-9 May 2019, Vienna, Austria)
The 4th Edition of “Europe Rubber Industry Forum 2019” was organized on 7-9 May 2019 in Vienna, Austria. This forum theme was “All about Rubber Compounding”. All the presentations slides at this forum are available as proceedings in Printed version. This proceedings package has three books (spiral binding format).

BOOK 1 : Training on “Theory and Practice of Rubber Extrusion” (Trainer: Dr. Gerard Nijman)

BOOK 2 : Training on “Science and Compounding of Rubber Blends” (Trainer: Dr. Robert Schuster)

BOOK 3 : Conference Presentations on ” All about Rubber Compounding” . The presentation topics are

# Viscoelasticity and Processing of Rubber in Injection Molding with Cold Runner  (Prof. Dr. Walter Friesenbichler/ Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Alexander Wolf/PETA Formenbau GmbH)

# Access to Compound Extrudability by using a 5 Finger Die – Application of Standardized Test Formulations (Dr. Dominik Schramm, Dr. Thomas Schmid, CooperStandard Automotive)

# Improving Rubber Compound using DMA (Dr. Matthias Soddemann, Dätwyler Sealing Solutions International AG, Switzerland)

# Flow Visualization of Rubber Compounds in Molding (Sebastian Stieger, University of Leoben, Austria)

# Practical Quality Issues and a New Approach to Mixer Cooling (Armin Niehaus, Compound Engineering, Germany)

# Review of Devulcanization Techniques & their Potential (Martin Wolfersdorf, Consultant)

# Impact of Dual Fillers on Compound Properties (Dr. Robert Schuster, Rubber Industry Consultant, Germany)

# Rubber Composites with Incorporated Magnetic Filler (Dr. Jan Kruzelak & Prof. Dr. Ivan Hudec, Slovak University of Technology, Slovak Republic)

# Processing and Properties of Rubber with Unconventional Additives/Filler (Prof. Dr. Ivan Chodak, Polymer Institute SAS, Slovakia)

# Influence of Plasticizer on Compounding (Jürgen Trimbach, Hansen & Rosenthal, Germany)

# KLR: a Crosslinkable Plasticizer and Functionalized Liquid Polyisoprene for Rubber Modification (Ralph Boehm, Kuraray Europe GmbH, Germany)

# Mixing of FPM (Jörg Guntrum, Guntrum Rubber Consulting, Germany)

# Review of different Vulcanization Systems in FPM (Matthias Bertram, MB-Chemistry Consulting)

# Optimization of Peroxide Curable FPM Compound in Injection Molding (Luisa Paganin, Dott. Viola & Partners Chemical Research srl, Italy)

# Saving Post-Cure of FPM processed by Injection Molding (Mattia Ramini, Italian Gasket S.p.A., Italy)

# Understanding the Kinetics of Insoluble Sulfur Dispersion: a comparison of Crystex Cure Pro to Sulfur Masterbatch (Dr. Frederick Ignatz-Hoover, Eastman Chemical Company, USA)

# Impact of Polymer Chain Architecture on Rubber Compounding and Processing (Fabio Bachelli, Versalis S.p.A., Italy)

# Designing Recipe for Highly loaded Bushings (Yeliz Vardar, Bayrak Lastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Turkey)

# Rubber Compounding for Moineau Motors in Oil Based Mud (Helmut G. Benning Baker Hughes – GE Company)

# New Ultra-High Molecular Weight NORDELTM EPDM for Automotive and Consumer Applications (Dr. Varun Thakur, Dow Chemical, Switzerland)

# Compounding & Processing of HMW EPDM (Dr. Christoph Gögelein, Arlanxeo, Germany)

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