Rubber Latex Technology

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Rubber Latex Technology
Year: 2011, Pages: 199
Hardbound, Publisher : TechnoBiz

This book has papers presented at Latex Asia 2011 conference, which was held during 1-2 March 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand.


Section I : Latex Markets and Challenges
1. Trends Driving Synthetic Rubber Feedstock Markets (Samuel Liew Loong Wei)
2. Challenges of Natural Rubber Latex Products in the Baby Feeding & Teething Industry (Anil Skariah)

Section 2 : Process Improvement
3. A Technique to Study the Early Stages of the Coagulant Dipping Process (Andrew Kells)
4. Surfacts as Process Aids for High Efficiency Manufacturing of Dip-Moulded Latex Products (Ratan Roy)
5. How to get More for Less ? – A Literature Review on the Use of Fillers in Articles Dipped from Latex (David Hill)
6. Continuous Improvement in Condom Quality by the Diagnosis of the Source of Damage in Manufacturing (David Hill)

Section 3 : Alternate Latex
7. Alternative Natural Rubber Latices: Safety and Performance (Katrina Cornish)
8. Performance related Biochemical Regulation of Rubber Production in Hevea Brasiliensis and/or Alternative Rubber Plants (Katrina Cornish)

Section 4: Latex Film Formation
9. Latex Film Formation and its Relevance to Glove Dipping

Section 5: Ammonia Free Latex
10. Pilot Scale Production of Free-Ammonia and Free-TZ Concentrated Natural Rubber Latex (Promsak Sa-nguanthammarong)

Section 6: Product Diversification & Developments
11. A Novel Latex-based Device for Radiation Treatment of Cervical Cancer (Abi Santhosh Aprem)
12. Current Development of Radiation Vulcanization of Natural Rubber Latex in Malaysia (Chai Chee Keong)

Section 7: Latex Dipping Machinery
13. Latex Dipping Plant and Machinery: Different Equipemnt Types, Applications and Comparisons (Barry Harrison)

Section 8: Quality Control & Allergy Issues
14. Novel Method to Determine the Residual DAHP Content in Natural Rubber Centrifuged Latex and Effect of Residual Magnesium and Phosphate Ions on Latex based Dipped Products (AP Attanayake)
15, A Practical Approach for Quality Assurance in FIeld NR Latex and Correct Chemical Usuage (PH Sarath Kumara)
16. Fighting the Latex Allergy Problem – towards Higher Occupational Safety (Michiel Paping)

Section 9: Latex Compounding
17. Latex Compounding (David Hill)

Section 10: Latex Doctor
18. “Latex Doctor: Column Highlights

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