Training Document – Rubber Vulcanization : Science and Practice (1 July 2019, Kuala Lumpur)

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Training Document – Rubber Vulcanization : Science and Practice
(1 July 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
This document has presentation slides of this training program. Dr. Robert Schuster, World-Renowned Rubber Technologist is the trainer. The book is spiral-bound format with colored print of all presentation slides.

The training is designed to provide a better understanding of the cure process in general and the efficacy of curing systems in particular. The science of crosslinking, even not fully understood yet, provides reliable principles that should be used to improve the performance of rubber parts that are submitted to operate in a large range of extreme conditions. (temperature, mechanical load, aggressive media, oil, grease etc) On the base of accepted concepts and mechanisms the course will emphasize why the state of cure, the structure of crosslinks and the chemical nature of the polymer, the presence of fillers allow a particular performance of the vulcanizates. However, the limitations of different curing systems, the influence of compound ingredient on the curing process have to be taken into account. A special point of interest in the seminar is the reversion process, overcure and the consequences of temperature distribution in molds on the performance of rubber vulcanizates. Finally, new curing systems will be presented. They will show the potential for further improvements of elastomers with heat and aging stability. The course contents include: • Process of curing • Reactivity of rubbers and curing systems • Curing systems • State of cure • Cure process (kinetics) • Sulfur curing (accelerators, activators, retarders, synergistic effects) • Influences on reversion (curing system, rubber matrix, filler, processing) • Peroxide Cure • Metal oxide, resins • Cure packages • Influence on standard physical properties • Influence on ultimate properties • Life time • New Curing Systems

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